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Driveway Refurbishment

Ensure your block paving stays looking like new and is easier to maintain.

Maybe the drive was laid before you moved in, or perhaps its just that you never really thought about long term maintenance? Whatever the reasons the facts are the same - the wind and rain and the passing of time can cause severe harm to block paved drives. Weeds establish themselves through the smallest gap. Your once smart paving now looks in need of some care and attention.

You need the ultimate protection that only Daly Contract Services can offer. It is a well proven treatment that actually increases the lifespan of your paving. We will clean your paving with meticulous care and apply weedkiller as necessary. The blocks are then carefully re-sanded. When all the preparations are complete the Forever Seal is applied. You can use the area a day later. Its just like having brand new paving!

Pattern imprinted concrete can also be cleaned and sealed so it looks like new. Both block paving and pattern imprinted concrete can also be treated with an algae/weedkilller solution on a regular basis to ensure a clean and tidy apperance.

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